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Welcome fellow earthling ~




My name is Chase.  


To introduce a bit about myself.. I am a 27 year old intuitive, akashic record practitioner, clairvoyant starseed and tumbling coach. And I am on a mission to help people shift and grow in consciousness in a manner that doesn't leave them connecting to distortion along the way.


 And to be clear, although you may be on this page interested in exploring the extra sensory ability I have and can help you connect to light with, I am one who embodies the understanding that extra sensory perception exists in everyone.


And that is another mission of mine. Bringing light to that. 


For some, I think these energetics may simply be repressed because they haven't had the proper outlet for that sensitive energy to be directed, nurtured, loved and most of all, understood.

If you don't understand something, how can you utilize it to the best of your ability?

For others, I think they simply choose to exist in the way they are already existing.. Therefore because of what they are attracting, they may not experience extra sensory perception because they don't believe or choose to not have that experience.

But to be clear here, I believe we are all psychic..


I just believe it's not widely understood what that really means and or entails. But I believe humanity and even animals exist on a psychic level. That is how we absorb and perceive information...


Anyway.. To speak a bit on my story.. Ever since I was child, I remember showing interest surrounding the topic of death. And to be more clear what I mean by this.. I have memories thinking about what it would be like to be in a, "blank space forever". (Dead) 


I would do this by closing my eyes and picturing/feeling what it would be like to be in "empty space for eternity"...

It was extremely hard to grasp, but something in my body knew that's not how it worked. That we didn't just die and exist in the void for eternity.

But that didn't stop the curiosity within me from exploring more of where that knowing or belief came from! Not only I kept sitting with that feeling as a kid, but I began to show interest in other "odd" things.


I have also felt drawn to the other side for quite a long time because of this. And have pretty much always known deep down that there's a lot more to life than meets the eye.


Not just figuratively, but literally. 


I also remember being able to feel energy that I couldn't see, and remember being able to feel energy that I knew wasn't mine.


Tangibly. It came in like a wave.


One specific memory I have was from a roller skating rink 

back in my hometown.


I won't say it was an extremely profound experience, but I remember feeling what I would consider now as stimulation in my mind once we got in the building. Like I felt shocked and couldn't function at an optimum level as a result of what I was picking up on subconsciously. 


I remember feeling heavy and loaded with more than one emotion. I couldn't think straight. And I didn't feel very comfortable either.


But I remember when I would go to the bathroom, I felt calmed down. More clear.. More like myself.


I also remember not knowing how to describe my experiences from these times. They just happened and life flowed on afterwards from that. 

And from there, that open sensitivity started to fade. Partly because I geared my attention elsewhere, but also because that's what happens as we age! 


We lose and distort our open and sensitive connection to spirit as we grow out of our younger years. We move on to other things that we are societally told to gear our attention towards.

But it doesn't have to be this way forever!


The sensitive connection can be reintegrated and strengthened.


Worked with to support the co-creation of an abundantly evolving life. (Akashic Records preview)


But that's how it was for me for some time. The sensitivity was denied and suppressed.


And I started blaming some of what I did feel on things such as anxiety. Blaming my sensitive channel on being sensitive because of my lack of ability to process anxiety from that time.


Or at least that's what the diagnosis' would say. That to an extent I had anxiety because I couldn't cope well enough with life.

But I wasn't giving any consideration to the potential that the reason I had anxiety was because I wasn't listening to the intuitive voice inside.. Thus from not listening to the inner guidance, manifesting the deep levels of anxiety.. 


On some level, it felt as if the sensitivity had slipped out of my reality around this time completely until I went through a series of soul awakenings that consciously began between 2017-2020. That's when I started realizing that the sensitive sensations I felt were not necessarily a manifestation of anxiety- but were coming from a different source altogether.


Intuition that was gearing my life in another new direction.


Ever since then, I have been given another opportunity to focus my attention on strengthening that sensitive connection to spirit. Working with that connection not only to support myself in a more aligned way, but to support others in connecting to their own akashic codes. 


How I got involved with the records

I started developing a relationship with the Akashic Records at the end of 2020. Reading about them.. Meditating on them. 

I had been diagnosed with bi-lateral Stage 3 Avascular Necrosis in the femoral heads that year and found myself having an anterior total hip replacement at age 25.

I was intrigued at first around the healing of my leg internally, but also around the understanding that this is the realm where we can resolve the parallels from our past lives.. Where we can re-access understandings of ourselves and integrate potentially new ones..


After I had that surgery, I started enrolling in classes based around 5d consciousness, spirit work, inner earth systems.. And it was only six months later when a program was offered by dear soul family who is also a well-trained psychic where I got to learn how to work with and read the Akashic Records for other people. 


Hence the practitioner certification displayed below.

And needless to say, it's been an evolving journey that has taken me way beyond connecting to information from past lives over this past year and a few months.  It's helping me understand who I am and why I am the way that I am on deeper levels.. 

I will also say enrolling in programs, workshops and classes have played, (and continue to play) huge roles in supporting the development of my connection over the last couple of years. 


From Psychic work, to spirit work, to parental wound work, clairvoyance work, subconscious work, ESP work, divination work, channeling work, energy clearing and dark forces work, inner earth/agartha, star systems, (etc..)

If you are reading this and are someone who's on a path awakening your inner sensitivities, keep an eye out for classes and workshops offered around subjects of your interest through people you feel a connection to in your heart.

It not only may be a great way to connect to more of your desired skill, but would be a great way to connect to more soul family.

breaking down the akashic records


If you were like me when I was introduced to the records, I didn't understand what they were at all. The name confused me. 

Had a deep curiosity to explore! But definitely felt a lack of understanding.  


So hopefully, reading through this will give you a better understanding of what the Akashic Records are.


That's my intention at least!


So.. first off, the Akashic Records are often referred to many different names.. 


The akashic field, the Akash, the Akashic Records, the records, akashic data... there's probably several other names out there.


But what all of those phrases are referring to is one in the same thing. A database of information manifested in the form of light that consists of intelligence and wisdom from all life forms in which that may manifest.

A database that holds all light, memory, beliefs, thoughts, consciousness and experiences that already has been experienced, and could potentially be experienced. 

It's an ongoing akashic record of all life.

You can see yourself as a part of the akashic record, too. Seeing your entire journey as an evolving Akashic Record of your soul that is adding to the experience of evolving consciousness throughout the Whole. 


As you change and shift in life with minor to major adjustments, your akashic record shifts with you. 

Your trajectories shift.

Just like when you leave an unaligned job or an unaligned partner new doorways open, when we have a change of mind or have a new perceptual discovery.. New pathways open just the same.

The Akashic Records themselves also consist of loving guides and ancestors connected to the soul, ascended masters that one has grown connections to throughout one's incarnations.


It is not just a database of energy that is entirely concretized through stored informationBut it consists of family members on the other side.. Teachers. 


Healing codes..


To try to break down the entirety of the records in one page like this would be very hard.. 

But I hope this breakdown gives you a bit better understanding of what it is that they are..

Here's a list of things that may come up in a session: 

- Questions asked that restore and develop a deeper connection to your soul

- Energy that brings you a clearer intuitive response

- The developing of extra sensory perception 

- Wisdom from higher self that re-sparks a deeper sense of trust in self


- Energy to navigate emotional/spiritual/mental/psychic health

-Guidance from ascended masters, your soul's teachers and loved ones/ancestors specific to you

- reconnecting to past lives, healing from trauma that have been repeating cycles through one's life

-Information or practices shared that lead you to embodying a more fulfilling inner state

- Family and or relationship karma 

-Blind spots being discussed

The list goes on...

This is one of those things that you have to explore for yourself to experience the shifts that take place in your life.


Sedona headshot.jpg

 what souls are saying 

"Wow Chase, just wow!!! This all resonates with me so much you don't even know. I have a connection when I see things about Atlantis, Tesla's concepts and I know I lived in Egypt before. I am in awe right now. Thank you for the details on all of this. Thank you spirit for guiding Chase to me. :)"

- g


"I'm so grateful for the reading I had with Chase! I feel like he was able to bring things to light in ways I hadn't been aware of; he brought integrity, clarity, grace and healing to our session and for that I am appreciative. I also appreciate how Chase was not in a rush- he took his time and it felt very personalized and unique to me which I am also grateful for. Chase is not a "one size fits all", and he allows his own intuition to guide him.... completely in the moment for whatever is best; Chase holds space very well, he is very heart centered in his approach, and he helped me to feel safe! 10/10 recommend Chase! I plan on having more sessions and utilizing more of his services in the future! Wonderful experience. Thank you Chase!!!!"

- a


"Wow! My mind is blown and spinning. I'm in awe at how spot on you were with certain things and how you even touched on random thoughts I've been having lately. Lots to digest and take in around Lyra, and definitely a lot to further explore and follow up on in general. I'm hopeful you can help me with that when it's time to take the next step. Thank you so much for doing this with me!"

- a


"I was instantly drawn to Chase's energy, and his kind spirit, not to mention how genuine  he is, My reading resonated with me so much, I had the tingles the whole time I got to learn about my past lives, and it resonated so much with my soul, I highly  recommend  Chase 💖 he brought me so much clarity and he is the real deal, you won't regret  getting a reading with him I am still in awe of the experience I had with the reading he gave me. Thanks so so much Chase you're awesome."

- c


"Oh my goodness.  So much just came up from the reading about the Egyptian life.  I saw the blast. I felt the immense sadness, but, I also felt this release of beautiful light that spread throughout my body. I've felt a huge calling lately to reveal the truth to the collective. It's impossible to capture how thankful I am for divine intervention leading me to finding you in this time and space. Thank you."

- j

"I began my healing journey over three years ago starting with Reiki, meditation, learning more about shamanic practices, etc... I have always felt drawn to learning more about my previous lifetimes and connecting with Chase was the perfect puzzle piece I needed. Going into the session, I was open to what needed to come up and be healed. And all I have to say is WOW!!! Thank you so much Chase- I am forever grateful!"

- b

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