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Welcome to the Channel! 👽

In this world we live in, everything consists of energy.


You are a being that is made up of energy in the physical and the non-physical form, and you emit energetic data, (which corresponds to a vibrational frequency) every given moment of your life.


Quite literally, you are energy. 🌬️


Going deeper here, the frequency, or vibration in which you embody plays a role on the different natured thoughts that are able to manifest in your field. The feelings you are able to tap into.

And this vibrational frequency is specific to you, and only you throughout your entire life and is forever in a state of potential change through the thoughts you have the potential to give your energy to, the actions you have the potential to take, your displayed behaviors, actions and feelings, and the mindset you have the potential to embody.



In other words...

Your inner and outer embodiment correlates to all of your potential transformation.


And knowing that, what if I told you there was a tool that can help you navigate your multidimensional coding and heal the limiting programs that cycle certain thought forms and beliefs through you- making your soul transformation a smoother process?


What if there was a realm that you can access that helps you reconnect to and embody your soul's multidimensional wisdom?

Well, there is such a tool..


Enter, the akashic field:



Okay, so there are actually many tools out there to connect to higher self and restore divine codes, such as meditation, intentional breathwork, alternative therapy, intentional prayer, automatic writing, art, and journalling just to name a few. 


But the powerful tool I'm talking about here that I've come back into contact with is the Akashic Records


The Akashic Records are also known as the akashic field, the Akash, the records and the akashic realm, and they are a guarded and protected realm connected to every soul that exists, and is a cosmic network or database that holds and protects the light of each soul.


They consist of loving guides, master teachers, loved ones, healing templates, traumatic events, magical memories, beliefs...

They hold the absolute core essence of your divine soul.


And because we exist alongside the past, present and future simultaneously, the records can guide us into future potentials too. 

As we engage with our inner and outer worlds, shifts take place in the akashic realm. So as we move, they move.


As we go through our own potentiation processes, the records begin calculating potentials based off of those changes too.

Aside from accessing this realm and the wisdom within it, the limitations of what can be explored are quite limitless.

Here's a list of things that can be worked with in a session: (and please know this list is limited!)

-A restored connection to your soul's purpose/life work 👼

-Energetic clearings of physical space ⚡


-Energy work 💎

-Guidance via masters, teachers and loved ones 🌠

-Light language healing ❤️‍🔥

-Star system/planetary lifetimes and origins 💆‍♀️

-Perspective shifts that can transform your reality on a dime 🧬

-Past Lives/Parallel Lives/Relationships/Personal Karma 🔮

-Shadow work/Light being shined on blind spots/ blocks that you may struggle to see and accept 🔦

-Practices to embody your multidimensional wisdom 🧘‍♂️

-Removal of dark, inorganic work/black magic/ritualistic and harmful energy 🐈‍⬛

- Awakening and development of your extra sensory perception and other spiritual gifts ❇️

-New beliefs about yourself that pave new pathways in your world 🌐

-More of an embodied ability to trust yourself and the divinity that flows through you 👑

The list goes on...

Working with the records so far has been an intimate journey of understanding myself far deeper than I ever thought I would, (and am continued to be shown deeper and deeper layers!) 

Feeling the desire to dive in, ground yourself back down to Earth and restore all of your divinity? 💘