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reintegrate a relationship to your benevolent guides 

Hi! My name is Chase. 


As an akashic record reader, clairvoyant, mixed starseed and tumbling coach, I am on a mission to help people reconnect to the nature of their multidimensional soul and, to their psychic ability.

I am also here to shine light on certain understandings around psychic ability.


De-mystifying it's existence, and helping shine light on the potential that it probably exists in some form in you as well.


And it's true!! We all have guides available to assist us. Guides that want to connect with us to help shift our lives down here.

But are we listening?? 


When we are living in our heads, further separating us from their guidance, we often can be found believing that we are alone in the universe and on the path by ourselves.

But this isn't true in the slightest. We are very connected!

And when we create the proper space to consciously connect, the guidance and love that can be accessed in the higher realms can figuratively, (and probably literally in some cases) help us move mountains down here on Earth.

It's worth it to develop a relationship with them.

breaking down the akashic records


The akashic records are a database of information and realm of guidance that holds the energetic template of every experience, memory, belief and thought that has been experienced and ever could be experienced. 

It holds the framework for all potentials of creation- as everything already has been created as a potential in the zero point field.


The potential for every creation already exists within this very nature. We can be seen as re-accessing the make up of the creations we are inventing. 

Our Akashic Records also consist of loving guides and ancestors connected to our soul. Benevolent light forces. Angels. 


It is not just a database of stored information (like a book you read) that exists in a high vibrational realm, but the records themselves are just that- a realm where there are many possibilities.


The records also host star family, ancestors, master teachers and protectors. Divine forces that go unseen.

If you want to reconnect with the loving intelligences tasked to support the development of your world--


 what souls are saying 

"Wow Chase, just wow!!! This all resonates with me so much you don't even know. I have a connection when I see things about Atlantis, Tesla's concepts and I know I lived in Egypt before. I am in awe right now. Thank you for the details on all of this. Thank you spirit for guiding Chase to me. :)"

- g


"I'm so grateful for the reading I had with Chase! I feel like he was able to bring things to light in ways I hadn't been aware of; he brought integrity, clarity, grace and healing to our session and for that I am appreciative. I also appreciate how Chase was not in a rush- he took his time and it felt very personalized and unique to me which I am also grateful for. Chase is not a "one size fits all", and he allows his own intuition to guide him.... completely in the moment for whatever is best; Chase holds space very well, he is very heart centered in his approach, and he helped me to feel safe! 10/10 recommend Chase! I plan on having more sessions and utilizing more of his services in the future! Wonderful experience. Thank you Chase!!!!"

- a


"Wow! My mind is blown and spinning. I'm in awe at how spot on you were with certain things and how you even touched on random thoughts I've been having lately. Lots to digest and take in around Lyra, and definitely a lot to further explore and follow up on in general. I'm hopeful you can help me with that when it's time to take the next step. Thank you so much for doing this with me!"

- a


"I was instantly drawn to Chase's energy, and his kind spirit, not to mention how genuine  he is, My reading resonated with me so much, I had the tingles the whole time I got to learn about my past lives, and it resonated so much with my soul, I highly  recommend  Chase 💖 he brought me so much clarity and he is the real deal, you won't regret  getting a reading with him I am still in awe of the experience I had with the reading he gave me. Thanks so so much Chase you're awesome."

- c


"Oh my goodness.  So much just came up from the reading about the Egyptian life.  I saw the blast. I felt the immense sadness, but, I also felt this release of beautiful light that spread throughout my body. I've felt a huge calling lately to reveal the truth to the collective. It's impossible to capture how thankful I am for divine intervention leading me to finding you in this time and space. Thank you."

- j

"I began my healing journey over three years ago starting with Reiki, meditation, learning more about shamanic practices, etc... I have always felt drawn to learning more about my previous lifetimes and connecting with Chase was the perfect puzzle piece I needed. Going into the session, I was open to what needed to come up and be healed. And all I have to say is WOW!!! Thank you so much Chase- I am forever grateful!"

- b

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