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Who Are We

integrate more psychic ability and a stronger connection to your guides this summer through six 90 minute group sessions and four one-on-ones

utilize the power of your consciousness to clear layers of distortion in your multidimensional selves

reconnect with a group of souls that can read energy and absorb intelligence by being near something

connect with benevolent light forces and the power of your ESP

4 months of group and one-on-one work

This summer, (and into fall) container consists of six 90 minute group sessions to support six main psychic teachings that this class will get into, and four individual one hour akashic record sessions for connecting to the guides and other psychic aligning/soul work.

Outside of the group and one-on-one meetings, there'll also be private space to communicate on Discord. 

The intention here is for there to be a community for us to connect to one another, to share experience, to ask questions- you name it outside of session. 

What is this space are we going to accomplish in the group sessions?

This is space to create a more aligned path through harnessing the power of consciousness.

In the group sessions we'll largely be focusing on psychic ability and the channel, several tools and concepts, and focusing on our connections to our benevolent guides.

By November, you'll have gained knowledge and or experience on the following topics:

  • Psychometry - absorbing information about something by feeling or being near an object

  • Reading layers of the aura/reading energy

  • Psychic development/ extra sensory perception development (clairs)

  • More layers with energetic distortion/dark forces/tools clearing them

  • Connecting to and learning with your guides/discerning their guidance

  • Galactic healings, psychic surgeries and psychic clearings - learning about them and their differences

  • Timelines/ discerning/reading your timelines

  • the Akashic Records

This is for the person that wants to develop expanded communication with their guides on the other side but needs more tools and discernment, for the person who wants to integrate more psychic ability, for the person who wants to channel, for the person that wants to read, adjust and navigate to higher timelines, for the person who wants to read and shift energetic templates within them, and for the person that wants to move through their lives by seeing and feeling more subtly.


Do you feel the pull to dive in?

This is nine hours of group work and four hours of one-on-one work.

All group sessions are, (tentatively) going to be offered on Wednesday afternoons, (but one on one sessions can be set up outside of that if timing does not work).

Everything recorded, replays sent out to everyone each session.

If you feel the pull to step up and into another layer of yourself and your practice,

The all-in price is $639 until the end of June 7th–

After that, price shifts to $740 leading up to our tentative start date of June 28th.


No, you are not obligated to pay all at once, nor have a strict payment plan set up. Flexible payments are available.

Reach out to discuss money, dm to secure a spot, or make a first payment to lock your space in!


One-on-one space is limited to five.


Option to join group sessions and Discord for $333. Contact me for details about this.



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