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Galactivation (1-on-1 container)

An intimate, nine week one-on-one container

  • 5 hours 30 minutes
  • 555 US dollars
  • We connect via zoom

Service Description

With the help of the Akashic Records, our consciousness, radical presence and integrity-- we'll dive into reactivating energy within your channel to develop your soul gifts and reactivate a deep sense of excitement within your journey. If you want to access more of your soul's innate gifts and you want to confidently share those gifts with others, but feel like you're not there yet on a couple different levels, this coaching container within the records is here to help!! In nine weeks, we will grow through: - Insight from past lives and karmic influences that are connected to your current embodiment - Suggestions from the records, your oversoul and galactic consciousness that supports your developing reality - Channeled tools to maintain clarity within your channel/energy healing/light language - Parental wound work - Shadow work - Internal change to the embodiment of your frequency - Intuitive/psychic and ESP development + more! Who is this container for? -Those that want support in safely speeding up the development of their sensitive gifts -Those that know they have divine codes to share, but honestly struggle integrating them or bringing them to fruition -Those who feel a deeper calling but who also feel they aren’t living it yet -Those looking to expand their channel beyond self, higher