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a little about me 'before' 🌌


Where am I?

For starters, I grew up in a town called Normal, Illinois, and no.. I  did not have a normal experience living there. 

My early childhood had a bit of sexual trauma.  (No not from my family, but from a babysitter) 

I didn't feel like I fit in with my family- very black sheep-ish.

I was also bullied and picked on for being small and having a high pitched voice.  Sexually shamed and called gay by  many people before I was even a teenager..

Most of junior and high school was not a positive social scene for me. (divinely so)  Yes I was deeply involved with jazz band, trumpet, marching band and  tumbling/gymnastics,  they were shadowed by the other experiences.

And it was with this  I ended up turning to alcohol at the age I did-  among many other experimental/recreational drugs.

Fast forward through the rest of high school and through the drama of my college experiences-- I had a near death experience that is worthy to share.

This was a period of my life I call  Soul college. I learned more about myself in one lifetime in four years than some people learn in about themselves in four of their entire lifetimes. 


The people I connected with and had to clear myself from.. The lessons I chose to learn... The experiences I had to go through to learn those lessons...

Anyway, during the NDE, I found myself inside a large red movie theatre. (I was passed out in the passengers seat in a moving car on the highway) 

And it felt like I was the only one in there. Like I was the only one about to watch a movie.

And I felt really excited to see what was behind the curtain. It really was like i knew exactly what was happening and i wanted the transition into the afterlife.

Orchestral started playing, and the curtain started to pull back, and the most magnificent colors I had ever seen filled my eyes. 

I could feel the colors everywhere--

I know that doesn't make logical sense to say, but I felt them. In so many parts of my body. Even on and inside my eyes which was the weirdest part I remember feeling!  

But as all of this happened, this massive arm came from backstage and extended itself fully and closed the curtains on me.

And I realized it wasn't my time yet to pass.

It transitioned from healing music to a very realistic scene. And then i was kicked out.

But this experience clicked something for me.

It was like i finally realized what i was searching for..

The purpose of my existence on Earth had not been fulfilled.

And that is what really kickstarted started the next portion of my journey.

From 2017 through 2020, I worked in restaurants from dishwashing, serving and bartending, being a manager at a couple different places in a ritzy town in Illinois.  

But on the side... I was engaging with spirit by reading tarot for friends out of guide books. Meditating. Collecting and researching crystals. Researching mysteries and ancient civilizations. Going to a couple psychics to have myself read.

This is also when i invested in my first intuition development class. 

During 2020, more change came. 

I was managing a really cool restaurant that i had to quit because I got hurt at the gym. 

Well, I didn't wait because of the injury, but because it led to a deeper discovery about stage 3 avascular necrosis and a collapsed hip that needed to be taken care of. 

In retrospect, what was really happening??

My life was shifting because I wasn't living in alignment. And this was the golden opportunity for that shift to begin taking place.

This is also during the time I was called  to learn more. Which is essentially most of what I've been doing the past two and a half years. Learning and integrating new information and new skill.

From the end of 2020 through 2022, I invested in multiple psychic development courses, intuition development, dark forces, inner earth, and other esoteric knowledge based courses to support the development of work. And the safety and clarity of the space holding for others.

At the time, the spirit based work had evolved from playing with tarot and crystals to sharing free and low cost tarot readings. 

Being able to harness my extra sensory perception, and specifically, how to see more with my third eye.

And it is about within this timeframe I invested in another class to learn how to read the akashic records for self and other people.

Why I was called to the records?

I didn't really know why at the time. I just had a veryyy strong calling. But if you asked me today, i'd say it's because I am meant to share them with others. Help other people connect to them.

If you've ever had a really powerful akashic record session, then you know..

But if you haven't.. The consciousness, the love,  the support  and wisdom that's accessed and imparted in such a short amount of time is insane. 

They really do change us.

If you're feeling the call to reconnect with the records.. 

I'm just a couple of clicks away!

With love love love


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